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Italian Restaurant Chez Bartolo, Paris 6eme

A small corner of Naples in the heart of Paris

The first Neapolitan pizzeria in Paris

Bartolo-&-Ginette-MemolaIt was in 1950 that Bartolo Memola, having left his native Mezzogiorno, opened the very first Neapolitan pizzeria in Paris. This was the beginning of the story of Chez Bartolo..

The restaurant is located at number 7 rue des Canettes in the heart of Saint Germain des Prés and there you can enjoy the pizzas and the dishes prepared everyday according to the famous recipes and the tradition of the city of Naples. The various selections of pizza, pasta, meat and fish are so numerous that everyone will find something on the menu to gratify their desire, their appetite and their palate.

So, welcome to Chez Bartolo, the pizzeria which invites your taste buds on a journey to the foot of Vesuvius.